Photo: LazaroLLanesPhoto

Over the years, my work has expanded from painting and drawing to photographyobjects and installation, incorporating various materials and exploring their possibilities with an increasing interest in the interplay of two-dimensional and three-dimensional space. It has also experienced a gradual transition toward a project-based working process, usually developed through series, exploring the idea of continuity, interrelation and dialog between a variety of subjects, and the diversity of media and supports to approach them.

Most recently, my work with objects and installation has been related to the interest in the possibilities of interactivity and immersion, as they emphasize the viewer’s experience when in contact with the artwork, thus expanding the artistic potential to a less defined territory. This concern has informed these series with the quality of a work in progress, which combines non-traditional materials and new technologies, and applies an experimentation-oriented production process.

There has also been an interest on my part in developing projects to be conducted through, and on, unstable and non-permanent platforms, such as interventions in public spaces or registering ephemeral circumstances of found objects, with the premise of them being in constant re-elaboration and re-contextualization.