Participating in OPPOSING FUTURES Group Show

Curated by Leah Brown, Elle Schorr, Peter Symons

Image Credit: Rick Newtown, "New World"

Image Credit: Rick Newtown, "New World"


Human beings have always imagined what the future might have in store. Yet speculative fiction writers and filmmakers seem to have grappled with these ideas more than have the creative thinkers in the realm of visual art. This exhibition seeks to change that. Opposing Futures is an exhibition of contemporary art by 20 Florida artists/artist teams who are envisioning what may actually lie ahead.

Will we solve the world’s health, water, food and energy problems? Bring prosperity to the far corners of the globe? Extend the life cycle? Weave technological innovation into meaningful and productive activity from youth through advanced old age? Expand civilization into outer space? Bring about world peace?

Or…will we succumb to regional conflicts, bombs and biological/chemical warfare, or digital takeovers, overt and covert actions, fears of “the other”, climate change, environmental destruction, epidemics, famine, natural disasters?

Who will win? Who will lose? How will these and other changes affect our societies, and what consequences may flow from these changes? What new challenges will arise?

Curators Leah Brown, Elle Schorr and Peter Symons have challenged artists from across South Florida to envision and create new artworks based on these and their own questions about what the future holds. Artworks are across all media, including traditional art forms and media, as well as performance, video, installation and interactivity.

Exhibition Reception Dates:
April 29th6-10pm

Closing Reception:
June 24th 6-10pm

Artist talk:  May 18th, 7pm

Address: FATVillage Projects, 523 NW 1st Ave, Fort Lauderdale.

Press contact: Leah Brown,

More information:


Devin Caserta
Orlando Chiang
Jenny Day
Shannon Ellis
Ryan Farrell
Isabel Gouveia
Kim Heise and Ingrid Barreneche Collaboration
Sibel Kocabasi
Jerry Kornbluth
Beju Lejobart
Daniel Listwan
Fahan Sky McDonagh
Sue Montoya
Rick Newton
Glomus Orbis Collaboration
Karina Pais
Elle Schorr
Christina Nicola Sidberry
Laurencia Strauss
Peter Symons

Participating in THE NERVE 2017: Annual Performance Art Festival | FATVillage Projects

Curated by Leah Brown and Jen Clay

THE NERVE is Fort Lauderdale's premier Performance Art Festival. It was voted the 2016 Best Festival of the Year by the Broward/Palm Beach New Times. Performances will take place over three days across multiple venues in FatVillage and their remains/documentation will be on view the following Saturday during the monthly FatVillage Artwalk.

For 2017, THE NERVE will take place in five FatVillage warehouses and galleries between 517 and 529 NW 1st Ave, including: FatVillage Projects, ArtsUp!, Far Gallery, 519 Front Window, and Projects/South. Tickets are available for each night, March 17th - 19th, as well as a discounted ticket for all three nights.
March 17, 7-10pm
March 18, 7-10pm
March 19, 6- 9pm

More information and tickets:

Participating in THE NERVE: Performance Art Festival at The Projects|FATVillage

Curated by Leah Brown, Jen Clay, and Peter Symons

March 18 and 19, 2016
7-10 pm both nights

FATVillage Projects
521 NW 1st Ave
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

THE NERVE: Performance Art Festival is two days of multi-disciplinary,
boundary pushing, sometimes indefinable and often un-nerving original
performances, created by 14 artists/artist groups who use performance as a
means of visual and conceptual expression. The performances will be as varied as
the artists who create them, and audiences can expect to see elements of
installation, the creation of visual artifacts, performances that involve endurance,
audience interaction, theatre, movement and sound.


My artwork published in AroundTown Magazine - November 2015 issue.

I'm very excited to have my Foldables Installation work published on the latest issue of AroundTown, an Arts and Culture magazine in South Florida. The picture was taken during my participation in the group exhibition "Felt Sew Knot Bound" at The Projects of FAT Village in Ft. Lauderdale (page 18). Here's the link to download the PDF version on the magazine. Enjoy!

"Felt Sew Knot Bound" at The Projects of FAT Village in Ft. Lauderdale.

Participation in the exhibition "Felt Sew Knot Bound" at The Projects of FAT Village in Ft. Lauderdale.

This show was curated by Leah Brown, Martin Casuso and Peter Symons, and featured several fiber artists working with this media to create large art installations.

The Projects Contemporary Art Center and Exhibition Space of the Ft Lauderdale-based, non-profit FATVillage (Flagler Arts and Technology Village) provides artists and curators the opportunity to create and exhibit large-scale, experimental works.

Opening Reception:
Saturday, May 30th, from 6-10pm.

Second Reception:
Saturday, June 27th, from 6-10pm.
The exhibition runs through first week of July, 2015.

The Projects of FAT Village
The Projects is a Contemporary Arts Space located in the heart of the FATVillage Arts District.

Address: 523 nw 1st ave, Ft Lauderdale 33301
Office: 954-760-5900
The Projects is the featured exhibition space in FATVillage, Fort Lauderdale's Arts District.

Built in the 1950s, this hanger-like space is over 10,000 square feet and features raw exposed concrete, cinderblock, piping and electrical work, and a domed wooden ceiling with steel support beams.

The space regularly accommodates huge art installations and events, and is the main feature of the Fat Village ArtWalks.

ArtWalks are from 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM on the last Saturday of each month.

Participation in Zones Art Fair 2014 - A unique fair with a performance centric mission.

Participation in Zones Art Fair 2014 on Dec. 6th, starting at 8pm, presenting a durational performance piece as part of Performia Performance Art Festival.

Fair Dates:  December 2-7, 2014
Fair Hours:  12:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Reception: December 5, 2014    7:00 -  10:00 PM

Special programming after art fair hours happening daily.
Performance Events:  December 2-7, 2014
Event Hours:  Please check the events calendar for daily listing.
Visit for more details.

New Location:
Little Haiti Arts District
8325 NE 2 AVE, Miami FL, 33138

December 2 - 7, 2014 marks the opening of Zones Art Fair. We present a selection of events and shows that challenge traditional structures in performance and contemporary art: The “Planet Hollywood” of Newer Genres, Jan and Dave’s Improvisational Noise, and Performia Performance Art Festival.

Certain contemporary art practices—installation, performance, relational aesthetics, social sculpture et al.—are notoriously hard to document or commodify.  The “Planet Hollywood” of Newer Genres questions how these practices fit in to our dominant culture of object display. Here, objects that exist as a facilitator of an action or document of a non-object based art happening are displayed in an evolving installation that attempts to graft a provisional aura to an indexical remnant.

The fair opens to the public December 2 with a reception December 5. There will be spontaneous and scheduled (see website) performances throughout the week. Artists include: Julia Sinelnikova, Jen Clay, Jamie Thomas Marsh, James Mayhew, Sophia Park, Kalan Sherrard, Leyla Mozayen, Bruno Giuliani, Varvara Voetskova, Dino Real, Kathryn Marks, Jon Konkol, Maria paz Valenzuela, Kevin Blackstone, Antoinette Suiter, House of Gunt, SSTR, Local Honey, DAZZLESTORM!, Michael Anthony Farley, Ellen Degenerate, Poncili Creacion, and Ellen Turrietta, and Vincent Tiley. The “Planet Hollywood” of Newer Genres is curated by Liz Ferrer and Michael Anthony Farley two artists whose practice combine performance, image/object making, events and curation.

Jan and Dave’s Improvisational Noise, organized by Jan Weingarten and Dave Kudzma. Bring your own noise making instrument or creation. The public is invited to watch or join in the making of Noise Music. Be a part of the improvisational situation that could be as minimal as one note, or a chaotic cacophony, direction unknown, and experimental. Join us December 2-4 from 6-9 PM.

Performia Performance Art Festival, founded and curated by Charo Oquet, will run December 2-7, with a mission to present performance to the pragmatic art fair format. Participants include: Rat Bastard, Kat Toledo, Eckszooberante, Karina Pais, Asymmetrical Apples, The Brants, Moises Aragon, Jan & Dave, House Pencil Green, David Brieske.  Also as part of the festival there will be a book launch and reading from Dominican author and curator Alanna Lockward, Un Haiti Dominicano.

DRESDEN PUBLIC ART VIEW - International Billboard Exhibition

Participating in DRESDEN PUBLIC ART VIEW - International Billboard Exhibition!

About the Project:

DRESDEN PUBLIC ART VIEW seeks to position artistic approaches outside of existing Art-Institutions in public every day life. 50 artworks of local and international artists will be shown on 50 Billboards all over Dresden City Centre, Germany, from July 29th until Aug. 7th 2014.

In the spirit of Klaus Staecks „Die Kunst findet nicht im Saale statt“ (art does not take place in the hall) DRESDEN PUBLIC ART VIEW seeks to understand public space as a complex site for art that is accessible for everyone.

Billboards are part of our public everyday life and will be used to critically reflect on social and political contexts and to enable an immediate perception of contemporary artworks. We understand art on Billboards as an intervention in every day life that makes a new mindfulness possible.

Participating artists:

Antoni Muntadas (ES) / Bethan Huws (GB) / Matt Siber (US) / Helfried Strauß (DE) / Julian Germain (GB) / OX (FR) / Gustav Hellberg (SE) / Daniele Ferreira (BR) / Ashleigh Garwood (AU) / Mathieu Tremblin (FR) / Karina Pais (EC) / Vigilante (IT/FR) / Studio Hulda Rós Gudnadóttir (ISL) / Anne-Émilie Philippe (FR) / Benedikte Bjerre (DK) / Anaïs Boudot (FR) / Marco Cechet (IT) / Renate Egger (AT) / Wouter Huis (NL) / Paweł Kowzan (PL) / Maud Lefever (BE) / Paula Menga (AR) / Midori Mitamura (JP) / Daniel Nicolae Djamo (RO) / Emma Cozzani (FR) / BR1 (IT) / Kristin Posehn (US) / Danny Foolen (NL) / Marie-Luise Marchand (DE) / Oliver Herrmann (DE) / Pio Rahner (DE) / Andreas Ullrich (DE) / Frauke Thielking (DE) / Paul Waak (DE) / Fritz Bornstück (DE) / Georg Parthen (DE) / Peter Braunholz (DE) / Martin Bothe (DE) / Carmen Loch (DE) / Anselm Schenkluhn (DE) / Clemens Reinecke (DE) / Paul Barsch (DE) / Karoline Beeck (DE) / Matthias Marx (DE) / Andreas Schliebenow (DE) / Broecker/Schötz (DE)

1/ 100 Artist's Proof - Homage to Jose Guadalupe Posada. Traveling Exhibition

1/ 100  Artist's Proof - Homage to José Guadalupe Posada is an International Group Exhibition curated by Jorge Galaviz. This is a traveling Exhibition including 31 international artists and over 60 artworks with a wide variety of printmaking techniques.

Participating Artists:

Mexico: Aldo Borboa, Alejandro Villalbazo, Artemio Rodríguez, Armando Gómez, Benjamín García Segundo, Daniela García, Estaban Azuela, Joel Rendón, Jorge Galaviz, Loela Galaviz, Rogelio Azcárraga.
Germany: Tanja Deutschländer
Argentina: Manuel Reyes
Spain: David Puig, Victoria Roestel.
Bolivia: Daniela Rico, Fernando Pantoja, Marco Tóxico.
Brazil: Samuel Casal
Chile: Marcela Carmona
Ecuador: Karina País
Rumania: Silvia Barbescue
Uruguay: Adriana Telleri, Alfonso Ponce de León, Cecilia Vignolo, Giafnella Perdoncin, Gonzalo Rocha, Monsi Rodríguez, Santiago Velazco, Rodrigo Bouza.

On view from August 2, 2014.

Espacio Cultural San José

Address: 18 de Julio 509 esq.Treinta y Tres San José de Mayo, Uruguay




1/ 100 Artist's Proof - Homage to José Guadalupe Posada - Traveling Exhibition

1/ 100  Artist's Proof - Homage to José Guadalupe Posada is an International Group Exhibition curated by Jorge Galaviz. This is a traveling Exhibition including 31 international artists and over 60 artworks with a wide variety of printmaking techniques.

Participating Artists:

Mexico: Aldo Borboa, Alejandro Villalbazo, Artemio Rodríguez, Armando Gómez, Benjamín García Segundo, Daniela García, Estaban Azuela, Joel Rendón, Jorge Galaviz, Loela Galaviz, Rogelio Azcárraga.
Germany: Tanja Deutschländer
Argentina: Manuel Reyes
Spain: David Puig, Victoria Roestel.
Bolivia: Daniela Rico, Fernando Pantoja, Marco Tóxico.
Brazil: Samuel Casal
Chile: Marcela Carmona
Ecuador: Karina País
Rumania: Silvia Barbescue
Uruguay: Adriana Telleri, Alfonso Ponce de León, Cecilia Vignolo, Giafnella Perdoncin, Gonzalo Rocha, Monsi Rodríguez, Santiago Velazco, Rodrigo Bouza.

Opening: May 9th, 2014, 9pm.

Centro Cultural Kavlin, Punta del Este, Uruguay.

Address: Calderón de la Barca entre Bvrd. Artigas y Shakespeare.
Punta del Este - Uruguay.

Phone: (+598) 4225 3866


1/ 100 Artist's Proof - Homage to José Guadalupe Posada - Traveling Exhibition

1/ 100  Artist's Proof - Homage to José Guadalupe Posada is an International Group Exhibition curated by Jorge Galaviz. This is a traveling Exhibition including 31 international artists and over 60 artworks with a wide variety of printmaking techniques.

Gallery Space of Mexican Embassy in Uruguay

Opening: Thursday, Nov. 7th at 7pm.
Address: 25 de mayo 512, Ciudad Vieja, 11000 - Montevideo.
Phone: +598 2916 6034



Pariticipating with a Linograph on paper.


ART FALLOUT is a collaboration between Girls Club Art Collection, 1310 Gallery, The Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale, FAT Village Arts District, 3rd Avenue artists, and other local venues. There will be a shuttle bus rotating between each of these locations. Multiple venues will host their own new art exhibitions simultaneously for one night, and all events will be FREE, and open to the public.

I'll be showing my work in two venues that night: an installation piece at the Fiber Optics show at 1310 Gallery,  and two works on paper at the Girls Club Art Collection, as part of the exhibition titled "Thinking On Paper".

More information available at

Art Fallout: Saturday, October 5th, 5-9pm

1310 Gallery

Address: 1310 SW 2nd Ct. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312.
Ph: (954) 729-5794

Girls Club Art Collection

Address: 117 NE 2nd Street, Ft Lauderdale · FL 33301

Phone: 954.828.9151



EMERGING WOR(L)DS + TINA B. MEETS DESIGN, Galerie Kritiku, Prague.

 EMERGING WOR(L)DS + TINA B. MEETS DESIGN, Galerie Kritiku, Prague.  View work >>

EMERGING WOR(L)DS culminated during the Main Event of TINA B. 2008 with an exhibition of the graphic artworks exhibited on billboards during the project with accompanying photographic documentation in the GALLERY OF ART CRITICS in Prague's Adria Palace.

Billboard Text Art - EMERGING WOR(L)DS during Tina B. 2008 – The Prague Contemporary Art Festival, Prague.

Tina B. 2008 – The Prague Contemporary Art Festival, Prague.  View work >>

Participation in  Billboard Text Art - EMERGING WOR(L)DS

EMERGING WOR(L)DS - Communications, Contemplations and Confrontations

In 2008, Tina B. - The Prague Contemporary Art Festival, Central Europe’s latest international contemporary art event, is presenting a number of innovative art projects. One of this year’s highlights is a one-year site-specific project featuring textual and word-based artworks on billboards in the Czech capital Prague. Entitled EMERGING WOR(L)DS, the project is running from June 2007 until October 2008.

Utilizing billboard spaces normally reserved for product advertising, corporate marketing, political campaigns and public service announcements, EMERGING WOR(L)DS is a platform for diverse artistic interventions, messages and statements, tackling a broad range of issues and subjects concerned with the complex social, political, corporate and cultural structures currently emerging within the context of the post-Cold War – and post 9/11 – world, as well as the way they influence the lives of individuals.

Freed of the constraints of two opposing ideologies and superpowers - and largely abandoning the old Right-Left divisions of the political spectrum - contemporary society is experiencing a proliferation of new complex social, political and cultural structures, networks, patterns, hierarchies and alliances. These newly emerging structures are influenced as much by mass media, global information exchange, phenomena such as multiculturalism and the interweaving of global and local cultural and corporate artefacts, symbols and signs, as by global political and macroeconomic forces.

On a local urban level in Prague, EMERGING WOR(L)DS aims to explore the role and potentials of art and artists in influencing these newly emerging systems, networks and affinities. The site-specific project is open to diverse artistic approaches and strategies, from socially and politically engaged and motivated communications, through media-activist confrontations to contemplative reflections of everyday life.

Rather than using billboards dedicated to the project for its entire duration - performing the function of a public art gallery - EMERGING WOR(L)DS’ billboard artworks are interspersed among commercial advertising billboards, replacing corporate and political messages, modifying standard information flows and exploring new art-based narratives, vocabularies and syntax, becoming parallel markers, tags and signs in Prague’s urban environment.

Having largely completed the process of post-Communist social and economic transformation, the countries of Central and Eastern Europe now play an active role in the evolution and development of globally, regionally and locally emerging social, political and cultural phenomena. Although the old Communist system no longer exercises a hold on power, its remnants continue to influence society. In the Czech Republic, as well as Poland, for example, the archives of the Communist secret police are only now being made fully accessible to the general public and this may yet have serious social repercussions.

EMERGING WOR(L)DS is running in synergy with other Tina B. projects and is web-supported. Each month, the EMERGING WOR(L)DS section of the Tina B. website provides maps of the city with locations of the current billboard artworks on show, allowing visitors to explore the city landscape while searching for art.

Curated by Grey Zone

For more information, please contact:
Marek Tomin, Media Manager and Co-curator, TINA B. - The Prague Contemporary Art Festival, M: +420 604 237 974, E:,

In Transition Russia 2008

In Transition Russia 2008

Participation in Open Call Section.  View submitted work >>

16.10.2008 - 21.12.2008


* Sheila Pinkel (US), Helene Black (CY) – (project initiators, invited artists curators)
* International Participants – Sheila Pinkel (US), Helene Black (CY), Yiannis Colakides (CY), Anastasia Lukina (RU/CY), Alisa Prudnikova (RU)
* Alisa Prudnikova (RU), Kseniya Fedorova (RU) – (Russian participation curators)
* NeMe/NCCA Guest Curator: Lee Wells (US) – video program ‘DRIFT’

Project Initiators statement

In 1989, Carole Kismaric published the book “Forced Out: The Agony of The Refugee In Our Time”, which was also a monumental travelling exhibition. It was a most effective reflection on displaced persons, integrating images and text that gave testimony to the aftermath of famine and war at that time. The exhibition was composed of larger than life photographs of displaced people printed on film so that not only was the viewer dwarfed by the images and text, but the transparent images produced haunting slightly moving shadows on the wall behind the hanging film. The impact of the work was all the more palpable because of the inclusion of text by people who experienced a cataclysm.

Since that book and exhibition were produced, much has changed. At this historic moment we are more aware of global changes than any other time in history because of the acceleration of these changes as well as communication systems that inform and connect us with peoples around the world.

This exhibition is the second “In Transition” exhibition and symposium. The first was held in Limassol, Cyprus, during October 2006, organized by NeMe, an independent arts organization based in Limassol, Cyprus and presented by the Independent Museum of Contemporary Art (IMCA). The curators and initiators of the project, Helene Black and Sheila Pinkel planned the exhibition so that in addition to specific international artists who were invited to participate, artists from all over the world were invited via an open call on the internet, to submit images and text which reflected on the realities of displacement. Artists from 37 countries participated in this exhibition.

The project changes as it repeats, and in this case, “In Transition Russia 2008” includes a substantial representation from artists who live and work in the Russian Federation as well as from the surrounding region. Many of these artists were selected by NCCA (Ekaterinburg) director and curator, Alisa Prudnikova and curator Ksenia Federova. The NeMe project takes place at the National Centre for Contemporary Art (NCCA) in Russia, Ekaterinburg and Moscow branches. Concurrently, a three day international conference, “In Transition: Cultural Identities in the Age of Transnational and Transcultural Flux,” is being organized and hosted by the Ural State Gorky University and the Academy of Contemporary Art, Ekaterinburg. In addition, “Drift”, a video program, curated by NeMe invited New York based artist, curator and cofounder of Perpetual Art Machine [PAM], Lee Wells, will also feature a substantial international contribution to issues concerning contemporary displacement.

Again in 2007/08, NeMe placed an international open call for artworks on the internet which resulted in the inclusion of many works reflecting the rhizomatic nature of different experiences relating to personal displacement. This exhibition also features time based as well as static works and installations by internationally recognized artists and academics committed to articulating vital global issues. Altogether, “In Transition Russia 2008” includes the works of over 125 artists representing 43 countries.

It is only through dialogue and exchange that we can better understand one another. We hope that the work of artists from around the world, reflecting on transitions of importance to them – war, famine, environmental change, economic change, geopolitical change, change in relationships with one another, change in consciousness – combine to create a vehicle for the collective voice to be recorded, heard and become part of local and international dialogue in behalf of increased tolerance and agency.

As a parallel event to the exhibition, the international conference IN TRANSITION: Cultural Identities in the Age of Transnational and Transcultural Flux has been organised by the Ural State University named after A. M. Gorky, the Ekaterinburg Academy of Contemporary Art and NeMe (Cyprus).

Participating Artists

33+1 (RU), Robert Adanto (US), AES+F Group (RU), Tatiana Akhmetgalieva (RU), Carlos Amorales (MX), Tatyana Badanina (RU), Perry Bard (US), Helene Black (CY), Jeremy Blake (US), Oleg Blyablyas (RU), Chris Borkowski (US), Marina Chernikova (RU/NL), Critical Platform: ‘What is to be done?’ (RU), Yiannos Economou (CY), Escape Program (RU), Cao Fei (CN), Yevgeniy Fiks (RU/US), Adonis Florides (CY), Ilya Gaponov (RU), Constantinos Hadjidemetri (CY/ES), Jeremy Hight (US), Stewart Home (GB), Srecko Horvat (HR), Viktoria Ilyushkina (RU), Deborah Kelly (AU), Maria Lianou (CY), Anton Litvin (RU), Olga Lovtzus (RU), Peter Lyssiotis (CY/AU), Diana Machulina (RU), Christina McPhee (US), Vladimir Nasedkin (RU), Lefteris Olympios (CY/NL), [PAM] Perpetual Art Machine (US), Sheila Pinkel (US), Kirill Preobrazhenskiy (RU), Provmyza (RU), Sonya Rapoport (US), Igor Sacharow – Ross (RU/DE), Second Front Int (US), Vladimir Seleznev (RU), Masha Sha (RU/US), George Sisamos (CY), Christiana Solomou (CY), Sylvia de Swaan (RO/US), Mark Tribe (US), Lee Wells (US), Where The Dogs Run (RU), Shaun Wilson (AU), Mehmet Yashin (CY/GB), O Zhang (CN/US), Zory (IR/GB), Lanfranco Aceti (IT/GB), Monira Al-Qadiri (KW/JP), Mohammed Ali (SY), Anya Belyat-Giunta (RU/ US/FR), Shanon Benine (US), Orit Ben-Shitrit + Harold Moss (IL/US + US), Alena Boika (BY/CZ), Dineo Bopape (ZA), Nisrine Boukhari (SY), Adam Buczek (PO/GB), Simon Chang (TW/CZ), Elly Clarke (GB), Vesna Crnivec (SI), Caterina Davinio (IT), Natalie Demetriou (CY), Michael Dettmer (DE/CY), Ted Efremoff (RU/US), Nils Emde + Nico 31 (DE), Othman Fekraoui (MA), Tijana Pakic-Feterman (CS/FR), Tatiana Fiodorova (MD), Christopher M. Gauthiér (US), Alan Gignoux (FR/GB), Manuel Gil + Oscar Gil (US/GB), Green Art Halikonlahti (FI), Diane Guyot (FR), Myriam Hammani (DZ/ FR), Bjørn Erik Haugen (NO), Matan Israeli (IL), Cecilia Järdemar (SE/GB), Annetta Kapon (GR/US), Mihyun Kim (KR/US), Paul Klein (US), Elvis Krstulovic (HR), Diana Larrea (ES), Sally Grizzell Larson (US), Yael Lepek (IL/MX), Natalia Lopez (CO/FR), Eleana Louka (CY/GB), Katerina Mistal (CZ/SE), Diomides Nikitas (CY), Sara Nuytemans (NL), Leah Oates (US), Damir Ocko (HR), Karina Pais (EC/US), Tonia Papaiacovou (CY), Stefanos Pavlakis (GR/GB), Sara Rahbar (IR/US), Aviva Rahmani (US) , Vasile Rata (MD/RO), Pavel Romaniko (RU/US), Lizabeth Eva Rossof (US), Krisztina Rozanich (HU), Mark Salvatus (PH), Dana Sederowsky (SE), Pei-Chun Shih (TW), Guli Silberstein (IL), Linda Sim (SE/AT/AU), Kally Sozou (ZA/CY), Barbara Sturm (CH), Waltraut Taenzler (DE), Nicole Tammelleo (US), Lois Chichinoff Thadei (US), Dia Theodorou (CY), Elina Theodotou (CY), Marios Theophilides (CY), William Titley (GB), Satoru Toma (JP/BE), Anna-Marya Tompa (GB), Lien Truong (VN/US), Yiorgos Tsalamanis (GR/GB), Nana Varveropoulou (GR/GB), Gabriele Voehringer (DE), Jasenka Vukelic (HR), Emma Wilcox (US), Zhuang Wubin (SG), Guzman de Yarza Blanche (ES), Katia Yezli (FR).


* NeMe (Cyprus)
* National Centres for Contemporary Arts, Ekaterinburg and Moscow, Russia
* Ural State University named after A. M. Gorky, Ekaterinburg, Russia
* Ekaterinburg Academy of Contemporary Art, Russia


* Museum of Fine Arts, Ekaterinburg (16/10/2008 – 16/11/2008)
* National Centre of Contemporary Art, Moscow, (28/11/2008 – 21/12/2008)

Main Sponsors

* Ministry of Culture, Russian Federation
* Cultural Services, Ministry of Education and Culture, Republic of Cyprus
* Department of Culture, City Administration, Ekaterinburg, Russia


* Bank of Cyprus, Moscow Branch
* Arts Victoria, Australia
* United States Consulate, Ekaterinburg