YOU ARE FREE* - Art Intervention at Miami Dade College

This text intervention is a new version of YOU ARE FREE*, which is part of an ongoing project called "Questions and Statements". This project consists of a series of interventions in public spaces using text-based artwork to address issues related to our perception of reality, which in this case intends to tackle the ambiguity of our notion of freedom.

The project started back in 2008, as "guerilla style" art interventions in the streets of Wynwood, Miami, FL. They were small black and white print outs, but it rapidly became clear that they were meant to be displayed in a larger format. YOU ARE FREE* eventually made its way to Europe and was presented as billboard-size artwork in two different cities. More information here.

Now it is shown in the United States for the first time as a large-scale art intervention at Miami Dade College, Homestead Campus. In this specific space, visitors have the opportunity to engage with the work in many ways. As they walk by, they can also read a small text inviting them to take a moment to reflect on the meaning of the words and how it relates to them personally, and to share their comments and pictures through social media.

This piece will be on view from September 1st through October 20th, 2017. Share your pictures and comments:


@youarefreeprojects #youarefreeprojects




Miami Dade College - Homestead Gallery
Sept. 1 - Oct. 20, 2017

Library of the Homestead Campus.

500 College Terrace,
Homestead, Florida, 33030

Monday - Thursday:  7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Friday:  7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Saturday:  8:00 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Phone: 305-237-5242


Participating in OPPOSING FUTURES Group Show

Curated by Leah Brown, Elle Schorr, Peter Symons

Image Credit: Rick Newtown, "New World"

Image Credit: Rick Newtown, "New World"


Human beings have always imagined what the future might have in store. Yet speculative fiction writers and filmmakers seem to have grappled with these ideas more than have the creative thinkers in the realm of visual art. This exhibition seeks to change that. Opposing Futures is an exhibition of contemporary art by 20 Florida artists/artist teams who are envisioning what may actually lie ahead.

Will we solve the world’s health, water, food and energy problems? Bring prosperity to the far corners of the globe? Extend the life cycle? Weave technological innovation into meaningful and productive activity from youth through advanced old age? Expand civilization into outer space? Bring about world peace?

Or…will we succumb to regional conflicts, bombs and biological/chemical warfare, or digital takeovers, overt and covert actions, fears of “the other”, climate change, environmental destruction, epidemics, famine, natural disasters?

Who will win? Who will lose? How will these and other changes affect our societies, and what consequences may flow from these changes? What new challenges will arise?

Curators Leah Brown, Elle Schorr and Peter Symons have challenged artists from across South Florida to envision and create new artworks based on these and their own questions about what the future holds. Artworks are across all media, including traditional art forms and media, as well as performance, video, installation and interactivity.

Exhibition Reception Dates:
April 29th6-10pm

Closing Reception:
June 24th 6-10pm

Artist talk:  May 18th, 7pm

Address: FATVillage Projects, 523 NW 1st Ave, Fort Lauderdale.

Press contact: Leah Brown, Leah@fatvillage.com

More information:


Devin Caserta
Orlando Chiang
Jenny Day
Shannon Ellis
Ryan Farrell
Isabel Gouveia
Kim Heise and Ingrid Barreneche Collaboration
Sibel Kocabasi
Jerry Kornbluth
Beju Lejobart
Daniel Listwan
Fahan Sky McDonagh
Sue Montoya
Rick Newton
Glomus Orbis Collaboration
Karina Pais
Elle Schorr
Christina Nicola Sidberry
Laurencia Strauss
Peter Symons

Participating in THE NERVE 2017: Annual Performance Art Festival | FATVillage Projects

Curated by Leah Brown and Jen Clay

THE NERVE is Fort Lauderdale's premier Performance Art Festival. It was voted the 2016 Best Festival of the Year by the Broward/Palm Beach New Times. Performances will take place over three days across multiple venues in FatVillage and their remains/documentation will be on view the following Saturday during the monthly FatVillage Artwalk.

For 2017, THE NERVE will take place in five FatVillage warehouses and galleries between 517 and 529 NW 1st Ave, including: FatVillage Projects, ArtsUp!, Far Gallery, 519 Front Window, and Projects/South. Tickets are available for each night, March 17th - 19th, as well as a discounted ticket for all three nights.
March 17, 7-10pm
March 18, 7-10pm
March 19, 6- 9pm

More information and tickets:

"Felt Sew Knot Bound" at The Projects of FAT Village in Ft. Lauderdale.

Participation in the exhibition "Felt Sew Knot Bound" at The Projects of FAT Village in Ft. Lauderdale.

This show was curated by Leah Brown, Martin Casuso and Peter Symons, and featured several fiber artists working with this media to create large art installations.

The Projects Contemporary Art Center and Exhibition Space of the Ft Lauderdale-based, non-profit FATVillage (Flagler Arts and Technology Village) provides artists and curators the opportunity to create and exhibit large-scale, experimental works.

Opening Reception:
Saturday, May 30th, from 6-10pm.

Second Reception:
Saturday, June 27th, from 6-10pm.
The exhibition runs through first week of July, 2015.

The Projects of FAT Village
The Projects is a Contemporary Arts Space located in the heart of the FATVillage Arts District.

Address: 523 nw 1st ave, Ft Lauderdale 33301
Office: 954-760-5900
Website:  www.fatvillageprojects.com
The Projects is the featured exhibition space in FATVillage, Fort Lauderdale's Arts District.

Built in the 1950s, this hanger-like space is over 10,000 square feet and features raw exposed concrete, cinderblock, piping and electrical work, and a domed wooden ceiling with steel support beams.

The space regularly accommodates huge art installations and events, and is the main feature of the Fat Village ArtWalks.

ArtWalks are from 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM on the last Saturday of each month.

EMERGING WOR(L)DS + TINA B. MEETS DESIGN, Galerie Kritiku, Prague.

 EMERGING WOR(L)DS + TINA B. MEETS DESIGN, Galerie Kritiku, Prague.  View work >>

EMERGING WOR(L)DS culminated during the Main Event of TINA B. 2008 with an exhibition of the graphic artworks exhibited on billboards during the project with accompanying photographic documentation in the GALLERY OF ART CRITICS in Prague's Adria Palace.