Perfoming Saliva Leaves at Gritty in Pink Art Exhibition

A Juried Exhibition curated by Lisa Rockford and Megan Castellon

Presenting my performance-installation Saliva Leaves during the Closing Reception of Gritty in Pink, a Juried Exhibition curated by Lisa Rockford and Megan Castellon at Bailey Contemporary Arts in Pompano Beach, FL. The exhibition will coincide with Old Town Untapped and will be open until July 14th.

Bailey Contemporary Arts in Pompano Beach, welcomes curators Lisa Rockford and Megan Castellon for the juried exhibition Gritty in Pink. Defying the traditional notion that pink represents delicate, saccharine depictions of femininity, these artists embrace subversive uses of the color. Pink is instead presented to embody strength through bold and often confrontational aesthetics, whether through abstraction with aggressive textures and brushwork, or through conceptual, humorous, ironic, or subversive and symbolic imagery.

The exhibit will feature a range of artistic techniques from 53 artists, both regional and national, whose processes include mixed media, painting, collage, video art, fiber art, ceramics, site-specific installation, and performance art.

Exhibition Dates:  June 6-July 14
Closing Reception during Old Town Untapped:  July 7th, from 6-9pm
Address:  41 NE 1st St, Pompano Beach, FL 33060

Exhibition Catalogues available for purchase.
Public Relations:  Kay Renz | Ph: 561-654-8151

More information:

Karina Pais
Kelly Boehmer
Kikimora Studio
Kristi Arnold
Kristin Beck
Kristina Smatrakaleva
Laura Marsh
Laura Mongiovi
Leora Stewart
Leslie Robison
Maggie Avolio
Megan Castellon
Michael Bauman
Missy Pierce Oppenheimer
Pamela Flynn
Paula Henderson
Peggy Blei Hracho
Philip Lique
Roger Boulay
Rosemary Meza-DesPlas
Samantha Lyn Aasen
Sandra Garcia Pardo
Sarah Tortora
Soumiya Lakshmi Krishnaswamy
Timo Rissanen
Tina La Porta
Veronica Cote

Alessandra Mondolfi
Amanda Madrigal
Amanda Marie Covach
Amber Tutwiler
Amy Gross
Anna Kell
Aurora Molina
Ben Morey
Bonney Goldstein
Cheryl Maeder
Cindy Hinant
Dave Kube
DeVan Jimenez
Donna Lee Steffens
Doris Araujo
Elena Tejada-Herrera
Elizabeth Morisette
Emily Blei Hracho
Erin Holscher Almazan
Gardner Cole Miller
Gianna DiBartolomeo
Heather Foster
Jehanne-Marie Gavarini
Jessica Mongeon
Jill C. Weisberg
Judy Polstra