Found Objects

Photography project intended to register and explore the various relationships between everyday objects and their specific context.

Composition No. 1
From the series "Found Objects" (work in progress)
Photo-collage / digital print
Dimensions variable
2006 - present

From the series "Dreamers" (Ciudad Juarez, Mexico)   
part of the international exhibition "In Transition Russia 2008" at the National Centre of Contemporary Art in Yekaterinburg and Moscow.
photo-collage / digital print  
dimensions variable  


This image is part of a project called "Dreamers", which consists of a series of photographs of a random event I registered while I was in the Mexican border-town of Ciudad Juarez (Chihuahua) for a few days in 2005.

Although the images themselves were not taken from the actual people crossing the border, they became a starting point to develop a project referring to the issue of migration, using the image of the bridge as a metaphor of the crossing.

My own trip to Juarez had been at that time similar to the one of many Mexicans who seek to get an immigrant visa to the U.S. –the U.S. Consulate in Juarez is the only one in the whole country in charge of processing immigrant visa applications. In that sense, these images became sort of a visual recreation of that experience, at an emotional level, in which the feeling of displacement as a result of socio-economic distress, along with the expectations and uncertainties this situation generates, are confronted with the false ideal of the "American Dream".


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