DRESDEN PUBLIC ART VIEW seeks to position artistic approaches outside of existing Art-Institutions in public every day life. 50 artworks of local and international artists were shown on 50 Billboards in Dresden, Germany from July, 29th to August, 8th, 2014.

The perception of art is often influenced by institutional locations, rituals or events which create an aura that makes it hard to encounter art impartially and open minded. In the spirit of Klaus Staecks "Die Kunst findet nicht im Saale statt" (art does not take place in the hall) DRESDEN PUBLIC ART VIEW seeks to understand public space as a complex site for art that is accessible for everyone.

Billboards are part of our public everyday life and normally they represent the consumer culture of our society. Instead of their usual purpose DRESDEN PUBLIC ART VIEW wants to use Billboards to critically reflect on social and political contexts and to enable an immediate perception of contemporary artworks. We would like to provoke thoughts without any explanations or audio guides, about one’s own perception and the reflection on society in general. We understand art on Billboards as an intervention in every day life that changes the context we live in and makes a new mindfulness possible.

The Project was initiated by Lucie Freynhagen and Svenja Wichmann


Supported by

Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen
Dresdner Stiftung Kunst und Kultur der Ostsächsischen Sparkasse Dresden
Landeshauptstadt Dresden / Amt für Kultur und Denkmalschutz
Wildsmile Studios
Deutschland & friend's e.V.
Ströer GmbH


Selected Artists:

Antoni Muntadas (ES) / Bethan Huws (GB) / Matt Siber (US) / Helfried Strauß (DE) / Julian Germain (GB) / OX (FR) / Gustav Hellberg (SE) / Daniele Ferreira (BR) / Ashleigh Garwood (AU) / Mathieu Tremblin (FR) / Karina Pais (EC) / Vigilante (IT/FR) / Studio Hulda Rós Gudnadóttir (ISL) / Anne-Émilie Philippe (FR) / Benedikte Bjerre (DK) / Anaïs Boudot (FR) / Marco Cechet (IT) / Renate Egger (AT) / Wouter Huis (NL) / Paweł Kowzan (PL) / Maud Lefever (BE) / Paula Menga (AR) / Midori Mitamura (JP) / Daniel Nicolae Djamo (RO) / Emma Cozzani (FR) / BR1 (IT) / Kristin Posehn (US) / Danny Foolen (NL) / Marie-Luise Marchand (DE) / Oliver Herrmann (DE) / Pio Rahner (DE) / Andreas Ullrich (DE) / Frauke Thielking (DE) / Paul Waak (DE) / Fritz Bornstück (DE) / Georg Parthen (DE) / Peter Braunholz (DE) / Martin Bothe (DE) / Carmen Loch (DE) / Anselm Schenkluhn (DE) / Clemens Reinecke (DE) / Paul Barsch (DE) / Karoline Beeck (DE) / Matthias Marx (DE) / Andreas Schliebenow (DE) / Broecker/Schötz (DE)

Download the exhibition map.
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